Sunday, 20 October 2013

DIY Nailpolish Book

Let me confess i did get this idea off of a famous Youtuber called "Cutepolish" but its such a good idea i need to share it with you (sharing is caring). This DIY book is a great way to organise and keep track of your nail polish collection even if its big or small. This book is fairly simple to achieve , all you need is a plain A5 notebook , a black pen and nail polish. The first step is to smooth an even layer of nail polish on an inch of the notebook , then underneath label the make and shade of the nail polish. Repeat until page is evenly spread with the nail polishes you desire to display on that page. Tip! i categorise mine all pinks , purples and reds go on one page , blues , greens and yellows on the next. Leave to dry and viola your done, you have now made a cute little inventory of all your favourite nail polishes.
If you want to make it even cuter you can always add a little sign at the front of your note book or even print off or draw nail polish designs to jazz up the cover.

Thanks for reading and i am wishing you all the best in your next beauty adventure xox

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